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We’re excited to announce an upcoming brunch we’re hosting for Dot Hip Hop Partners (“DHHP”)! This event is a major milestone for the Hip Hop community, as it marks the first minority owned investment group that has come together to participate in the ownership of the domain registry, Dot Hip Hop, LLC.

Dot Hip Hop, LLC is the licensed holder and operator of the Top-Level Domain (gTLD), .HipHop ( This newly relaunched domain extension is a game changer for the Hip Hop community, as it allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to have a unique and memorable online presence that identifies with the culture of Hip Hop. It’s an opportunity to stand out and showcase your brand in the digital world. It will also be a unique opportunity to learn all about digital real estate and how to build a lucrative domain name portfolio leveraging gTLDs like .HipHop.

DHHP is comprised of mostly Black and Brown non-accredited investors who have come together to participate in a cultural campaign to reclaim the ownership of Hip Hop. Ownership of the .HipHop domain registry (Dot Hip Hop, LLC) is an important step forward in making sure that the Hip Hop community has a greater say in the direction and future of the genre, particularly in the Web2 and Web3 space.

The Dot Hip Hop Partners’ brunch is intended to celebrate the members of DHHP and thank them for leading the charge in galvanizing and motivating the community of Hip Hop to participate in the development of .HipHop in a meaningful way—through real ownership, and by establishing a brain trust to guide its development. This event is expected to bring together cultural/business leaders, Hip Hop artists, and community activists to discuss the importance of ownership and true representation of the community in its own culture.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about DHHP and its members, the .HipHop domain extension, how .HipHop can be used to support the Hip Hop community, and how others can participate in the actual ownership of the .HipHop domain registry (Dot Hip Hop, LLC ( The event will take place on January 22nd, 2023, at The Bronx Public, a Hip Hop Themed restaurant-bar located at 170 W 231st St, in the birthplace of Hip Hop… The Bronx.

This DHHP Brunch is a private event, but we encourage everyone in the Hip Hop community to be part of this historic moment by following and participating in the event via social media. This is an opportunity to learn how to invest in the future of Hip Hop, and to make sure that this global genre continues to thrive for the next 50 Years to come!

Follow the Dot Hip Hop Partners’ Brunch event and be a part of the cultural campaign to reclaim ownership of Hip Hop!